Angelo Gambella

Angelo Gambella
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Publisher and Manager, Journalist and Writer.
Having worked for several years in multimedia applications for Human Sciences, I have gained considerable experience in ICT, both in terms of direction and administration, and also from a strictly technical and specialist point of view. My specific skills include website development and the publishing of historical works.
I have attended a number of seminars and conventions in Europe, and on occasion have given speeches or acted as a moderator, especially in the fields of Internet and History. Some of the more important history conferences at which I have presented papers include International Medieval Congress 2001, International Medieval Institute, Leeds, United Kingdom, July 2001; Medioevo Overlook - Incontro di studio dell’Internet medievale, Scarlino (GR, Italy) September 2001; Les normandes constructeurs de l’Europe, Evrecy, France January 2002; Arte media e comunicazione Gaeta (LT, Italy) May 2003 and 2004 (acts), IS - Internet e Storia (on-line 2003-2010).
I carry out independent research concerning ongoing studies. My most important printed works include La documentazione esistente sulla Historia Allifana di Alessandro di Telese, Annuario Associazione storica del Medio Volturno ’98, 1999; Potere e Popolo nello stato normanno di Alife, CUEN, Napoli 2000; Internet e Storia, with R. Fidanzia, Quaderni del Medioevo Italiano Project, Drengo, Roma 2002; Alife normanno-sveva, Drengo, Roma 2003; Medioevo Italiano. Rassegna storica online cd-rom edition (2003); Internet e Medioevo with R. Fidanzia, Drengo, Roma 2004; Medioevo Alifano Roma, 2007; Medioevo in Guerra Roma, 2008;
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Languages: Italian, English.
Research interests: Information & communication tecnology and the Middle ages; Normans in the southern Italy.
Teaching interests: middle ages and ICT (E-Learning).
Programming languages: Basic, C, Clipper, Cobol, HTML, Java, Pascal, Perl, PHP.

1999-present Medioevo Italiano website. Author/Webmaster;
2001-present Medioevo Italiano Project, President Rome, Italy;
2002-present Drengo Srl (Publishing, ICT, Education) Publisher/CEO Rome, Italy;
2002-present Storiadelmondo e-journal. Editor-in-chief of Rassegna Storica online;
2003-present IS - Internet e Storia (Internet and History) Forum. Director (11 editions);
2005-present Vice-Chairman of the Società Internazionale per lo Studio dell’Adriatico nell’Età Medievale (International Society for the Study of the Adriatic in the Middle Ages);
2006-present AGENSU. Publishing Director (Press Agency for History & Human Science);
2012-present Rivista di Storia e Cultura del Mediterraneo e-journal (Publishing Director);
2012-present Christianitas. Rivista di Storia, Pensiero e Cultura del Cristianesimo e-journal (Publishing Director);
2013-present Medioevo Italiano Rivista telematica e-journal (Publishing Director);
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